Selling Your Home: The Winter Guide

    There’s a long-standing notion that the winter is a bad time to sell your home. While some of the reasoning behind it is sound, there are a few great reasons to consider listing your home in the off-season.

    Here are a few of my favorites:

    1. It’s a buyer’s market in the wintertime.
    Sounds counterintuitive right? Not so. If you list your home in the wintertime but don’t need to sell it immediately, the market favors you. Real estate sales and listings slump in the wintertime.  But they don’t stop, and the buyers searching during the winter season are either often savvier – or just need a home in the wintertime, which means their offers tend to be more serious. If your house is one of the few on the market, you’ll get a lot of attention. If you’re ahead of the game and aren’t in a rush to sell, you’ve got all the market advantage and can negotiate a great price. Or just wait until spring when the market picks back up.

    2. Its always good to be ahead of the game and test the waters.
    If you list early, you run a good chance of avoiding or being able to shore up many of the (all-too-frequent) unforeseen angles that come with selling a home. Getting a home ready for a sale is complicated, and stuff happens. There could be something you need to fix. You could notice a lot of potential buyers want some little item (like countertops) that you can add and up your sale price in the spring.

    3.  One little tip on being ahead of the game? While listing in the winter is great, try to get your pictures/marketing photos done in the spring.
    Your house may handle the winter like nobody’s business, but trust me, those springtime photos look better.  But if you haven’t done that, don’t let it stop you. You’ll just want to get them redone when the weather’s nicer.

    4. Wintertime sales are also serious business.
    Once it gets warm, you’ll get a mix of potential buyers. Most are serious, but many are just seeing what’s out there and thinking about getting a home at some point. Anyone dragging themselves out to houses in the dead of winter is, well, dead serious about it.

    5. Showing off your home’s winter-worthiness might help you improve your price as well.
    One of the most serious aspects of getting a home in the Northeast is how well it handles the winter. In the springtime, buyers are just making educated guesses about how the place will do in the winter. Being able to show a buyer your warm, heat-retaining home will certainly help reassure buyers.

    Are you thinking about selling your home? I’m happy to help. Reach out anytime to Stephen Dougherty at 215-485-0082. Or find out what your home could be worth right now with our free home valuation tool.

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