Indoors and Out: Easy Steps to Increasing Your Home’s Sales Price

    Ah, its springtime. The snow has melted, the sun is shining. Flowers are blooming, birds chirping. And the home-selling season is in full bloom with it.

    Springtime brings life and beauty not just to nature, but to the real-estate market. On that note, we’re going to discuss presentability and aesthetics and how it can help you get attention and the best price for the home you’re putting on the market.

    Presentability is difficult to quantify and put a number to, but any real estate agent will tell you that the better your property looks in person and in pictures, the more interested people are going to be. Square footage, beds and baths and that open floor plan and shiny kitchen island are all super important, but an attractive-looking house and/or yard can make or break a deal, or seal an emotional attachment to a property that can not only help you sell, but give your buyer a home they’ll truly fall in love with.

    There’s a reason professional real estate photographers manage to make everything look so bright and shiny in the pictures. They’ll do their best, but here’s a few tips for a springtime, home-selling gear-up to make your for-sale property look truly beautiful.

    For the outside:

    Do your yardwork. Rake the leaves, plant grass in bare spots, pick up the horde of tree limbs that have fallen down over a particularly windy winter. Cleaning the clutter really helps the green shine through.

    Plant flowers. You don’t have to get too complicated, but some simple annuals with complementary colors – on the sides of your house or on the window sills – can really brighten the picture.

    If you’re not the handiest of types or are busy with work, consider hiring professionals for some aesthetic accents. This really depends on what you’re working with, but things like a spruced-up walkway or small stone wall can add a lot of lovable flavor.

    For the inside:

    Check all your lighting. Lighting is very important in pictures (and for your own livability). Replace some old bulbs, and maybe think about upping the wattage for more brightness or adding some accent lamps and lighting. The photographers will add their own, but when viewing time comes you want buyers to see a well-lit, happy house.

    Take a gander at some of your rooms and see if there’s not a more aesthetically pleasing furniture arrangement or some extra decorations you can add. You don’t want it to be cluttered, minimal is best, but some wall accents, be they pictures or pretty plants, go a long way to add personality a buyer can connect with. It often will spark in their minds what they would do with the room, and that kind of attention never hurts.

    So good luck this season!

    Are you thinking about selling your home? I’m happy to help. Reach out anytime to Stephen Dougherty at 215-485-0082. Or find out what your home could be worth right now with our free home valuation tool.

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