How Thinking Positively Can Positively Affect Your Home Sale

    There’s a gazillion different articles and lists you can read about the mechanics of prepping your home for sale, some of which you can find on my site. But at its core, selling your home entails one of the biggest changes you can make in your life – shedding your current home and moving to an entirely new one. Like any major change, this can at times be overwhelming and entails taking a risk on the unknown that no one can promise you will work out perfectly.

    There’s any number of reasons why you might be selling and moving. You might want to, you might have to for work or other reasons. But whatever the reason, your life is about to change dramatically.

    It’s important not to get too worried by the mere fact that change is occurring or will occur – and accept it as a part of life. That way, you can spend your attention worrying about things that you can change, and that will have an ultimate effect on how well your change works out for you.

    With that in mind, we’re sharing a few tried-and-true anti-stress tips on embracing change and getting ready for the big move:

    1. Fake it till you make it; AKA act ‘as if’ –

    People essentially always act ‘as if’ something will turn out well or badly. It’s up to us to decide whether that ‘as if’ is positive or negative. Acting ‘as if’ you believe a positive outcome will occur drastically improves the chances of that happening. Negative thinking is great in a life or death crisis; it helps focus our minds to tune out anything but a potential threat. But selling a home and moving is not a life-or-death issue, and negative thinking often becomes self-fulfilling as your mind focuses on a few potential bad things rather than the universe of potential good ones.

    2. Remember everyone is in the same boat –

    All of us experience anxiety when change occurs. Yet people move, change jobs, sell and buy homes all the time. If lots of other people can do it just fine – so can you.

    3. Change can come on your terms or on its own terms –

    Proactively approaching change to make sure you have the most say in it helps prevent that change from spiraling out of control. Change is always going to be a dice-roll. But if you embrace it and spend your time attending to the details, change will reliably work out better for you than it otherwise would.

    So if you’re scared about selling or moving or a big change – try to get past the elephant in the room. Then you can better worry about the oh-so-important details that you can control. Like is it really a good time? Can I afford it? Where could I go that I’ll end up liking better? How do I go about choosing the right realtor?

    Good luck, and don’t let the scary get to you!

    If you have questions before your big move, I’m happy to help. Reach out anytime to Stephen Dougherty at 215-485-0082 or

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